NewShifts for Change Seekers

Finding both personal and career fulfillment is the new norm and individuals are more empowered than ever before to achieve this.

Rather than job-hopping their way to discover a passion and taking a significant risk to do so, now through New Shifts, Change Seekers are using their freedom to explore their intellectual interests, preparing their minds before taking the next step forward towards a change in career path.


It’s simple. Time and experience are offered in exchange for exposure to new environments and industries, without any risk or financial commitment.


An exclusive networking platform, matching the experienced professionals with enterprises to form a mutual benefit relationship


Helps enterprises to engage with passionate talent, who are normally beyond their financial reach.


Reduces the risk of taking a long term decision by providing the short-term assessment option and values privacy by introducing anonymity

Our stories

Having come from a completely different background, I was searching for an opportunity to become more involved in HR, Finance and Operations, hoping to expand my career opportunities. This experience was very rewarding, as I have stretched my skills working in a different environment conjunctively with experts in their fields.

I am an SAP consultant and I’ve always been attracted by the digital world, but I had no real idea of what it was to work like in a web agency. With New Shifts, a startup gave me my chance. I did the design and realized 2 websites
More than that, it also convinced me that working in a digital agency was not that I really wanted to do

New Shifts has provided me with a unique opportunity to experience the Aeronautical industry. The opportunity gave me insights into the company, the industry and some of the major players in the market. As someone new to the Middle East, and from the finance industry, the experience was awesome and helped me learn more about the region. New Shifts is definitely a one stop shop those wanting to change careers!

New Shifts is proving to be a great stepping-stone in me developing a career in web development. Having no experience or any educational background in the field, New Shifts connected me with a person helping a charity organisation develop an online presence. The organisation needed a website and without a budget to pay a professional, I was asked to get the website up and running. For me, this has been a great boost in confidence as I tread into this territory. While I’m not getting paid, I am learning on the job and building a portfolio and experience, which, at the moment, is priceless.

How it works

Are you seeking fulfillment in your career or do you simply want to explore your intellectual interests? Have you spent about a decade or more in your career?


Prepare your mind by finding out what it’s like to engage with different companies or industries to explore your passion. Without the upheaval of a full-time job change, you choose what time you can offer and what direction you want to test.


Simply create an anonymous profile and offer your spare time and valuable experience. Search for opportunities you’d be interested in gaining an insight into.


If you share a mutual interest in each other, your profiles are unlocked and you start the conversation to begin your exciting journey of intellectual collaboration.


With over a decade of experience gained at the top level of business, do you feel like you’d like to inspire other business owners by providing mentoring to help them accelerate the growth of their business?



Currently on NewShifts

Early stage fitness startup seeks experienced business exec. to assist/advise to make vision real

We serve the fitness industry. Even though we are in the early stages of our development, we plan to scale to a large size, at a rapid pace.

Food Enterprise looking for assistance with Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Business Developmente-commercefoodMarketingSalessmbSMEsocial mediastart-up
We are a natural foods company, specialising sweet treats for now. Everything we do is gluten, dairy and reifned sugar-free with vegan and paleo options. Started 2 months ago and recieved a super positive response. Currently working on marketing, increasing sales and expanding our menu.

PHP developers

airlinesDeveloperInformation TechnologyPHPtechnologytravelweb design
Established in 2012, our company is the new generation travel booking and distribution solution: an innovative cloud based travel booking and distribution platform for airlines, travel agencies, online travel agencies and tour operators with a merchandising engine.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it free to sign up?
    Yes, New Shifts is entirely free to sign up. You can even create multiple profiles for free.
  • Is this a recruitment website?
    We are fundamentally not a recruitment website as we don’t provide full-time employment. We simply provide an exclusive networking opportunity for Change Seekers to explore other interests and reapply their skills in their spare time.
    There is no monetary exchange and the engagements are usually short-term or one-off.
  • What type of people use New Shifts?
    Generally speaking, we call our clients Change Seekers. Typically, they have over a decade of career experience and are simply curious to explore other intellectual interests. This may or may not result in a career change, but either outcome will address any questions they may have had about their career choice.
  • Is New Shifts for people seeking a career change?
    Not necessarily! We like to think it’s for people who are exploring their options. For example, you might not want to quit your job but you might just be seeking to fulfill your passion outside work.
  • I want to mentor a business, can I do this on New Shifts?
    Yes, absolutely! Please specifically mention that you’d like to mentor a company when you create your profile.
  • I don’t want to expose myself.
    Don’t worry; we take your privacy very seriously. All profiles are anonymous until you match with an opportunity. Only then can they gain your contact information.
  • How can I unlock a profile?
    To unlock an opportunity, you need to create a profile. Once you find an interesting opportunity, click on ‘Unlock Profile’. If the company also expresses interest in your profile, the opportunity will be unlocked and you will be charged $5. You are then able to start a conversation to see how you can turn the opportunity to a reality. If the company doesn’t express an interest in your profile, then the opportunity doesn’t unlock and you won’t be charged.
  • How is this different from an internship?
    Internships are typically work placements for fresh graduates with no career or work experience. At New Shifts, our Change Seekers have over a decade’s experience within their career so already have a wealth of experience in the workplace and need little training.
  • Is there a catch?
    We know it sounds too good to be true, but there is honestly no catch! Simply pay $5 to find your match and the rest is up to you!
  • Is profile name, my name?
    No this should be the title of your profile and not your real name. We aim to keep your identity anonymous until you have matched with a company you’re interested in.
  • How do I define what I want?
    Be very specific about the type of opportunity you are seeking. If you don’t know, or can’t decide between different ideas, you can also write multiple profiles for each type of opportunity you’re looking for. That way, you can consider the different matches you might get and decide on what’s the right for you.
  • What are some examples of the value I can offer?
    Think about your experience and how this could benefit another company. For example, do you have professional experience in a certain function/industry/region? Do you have experience in applying certain skills, social or technical? Do you have access to a certain network?
  • I don’t think I have enough experience to work with a company I’d like to.
    Never underestimate your worth – your experience is of great value to many companies. If your specific industry experience may not be relevant to the opportunity you are seeking, think how your experience may be able to correlate with this new field. For example, you may never have worked in the ecommerce industry, but you may have other skills that lend themselves well to any industry, ie. Project management skills, people management or problem-solving.
  • Do I have to engage full-time? What’s the minimum amount of time I can offer?
    You set the rules! You define the spare time you have available in your profile and this can be any time of day or number of hours. Remember to be realistic rather than over-promise the amount of hours you can provide. We recommend a minimum engagement of two weeks for you to really benefit.
  • Is there a limit to how many opportunities I can pursue or profiles I can create?
    No, as long as you have the time to commit to them all, then we admire your energy and dedication!
  • Are there remote opportunities available?
    The opportunities on New Shifts are unique to each person and company. You can specify if you’d like to engage remotely and if a company expresses an interest, then you can discuss further.
  • I posted a profile but haven’t seen it live yet
    Please allow up to 48hours for our team to personally moderate your opportunity and activate it online. If it still hasn’t gone live, please contact us and we’ll try and resolve as soon as we can.
  • What if we don’t match exactly?
    Try your luck and open up the conversation. For example, if you’re interested in the opportunity, don’t let the time commitment constrain you. Express your limitations and see if you can negotiate. You will probably be glad you did!
  • How does Payment work? Do I have to have a PayPal Account?
    You will only get charged $5 if the opportunity you’ve chosen to unlock shows a mutual interest in your profile and yes you have to have a PayPal account, as you don’t get charged straight away. Your PayPal account will be blocked for $5 until your match is made. If there is no match made within 28 days, the block will be removed. Soon we will accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in USD.
  • Can I get Refund if it doesn’t work out?
    No, we don’t provide refunds if you match and don’t make an engagement with the company. Our fee is for you to open the conversation and expand your network. Refunds may only be applicable in certain unforeseen situations, such as technical errors which might lead to a double charge. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.
  • What happens after I unlock a profile? Do I have to commit to engage?
    When you have unlocked the opportunity, you can now talk to the company. The first step is to have an honest discussion. You don’t have to commit to engaging with each other after you open up the discussion but then don’t feel it’s right. However, even if you don’t pursue the engagement, at least you’ve met someone who thinks outside the box and expanded your network in a way that it might help you better understand what you’re looking for.
  • What do I get in exchange for my time during the engagements?
    During the engagements you exchange your time with exposure to a new industry/function/region, which normally would be inaccessible and without the risk or upheaval of changing jobs. You don’t get paid a salary for the engagements; however this gives you the opportunity to explore other options and decide if it might be the direction you would like to pursue more permanently.
  • What should I discuss after the profile is unlocked
    Be open and transparent. Make sure you ask for what you want and ask questions to ensure you’re getting what you need out of the engagements. You need to define your expectations and communicate this proficiently for a successful and beneficial engagement.
  • Will it lead to full-time position?
    There are no guarantees of the opportunities leading to full-time employment. We’re here to give you the opportunity to create your own opportunity; the rest is up to you and the company you engage with.
  • The placement really isn’t working out, how can I end it?
    We suggest that you start an honest and open discussion to try and uncover why it’s not working. Revisit your profile and make sure you were clear about what you could offer. Perhaps the conversation could uncover some other issues that are out of your control. But ultimately the final decision is yours, you can persevere and try and make it work, or you can choose to end the engagement amicably.
  • What if it’s not what I thought it was going to be
    Remain positive. You can still view it as a success because at least it may have addressed one of your questions and may mean this is not the direction you should follow. Learn from the experience and try something different.