Why a Mentor Will Be the Best Decision You Make

Every startup owner must have a strong grasp on entrepreneurship: he or she must understand what it means to make a living by turning a strong idea into a reality.
Individuals are not born knowing how to be stellar entrepreneurs, but must learn and develop skills to succeed in this field. A mentor is a wise choice, providing help and guidance to help startup owners acquire these abilities.

With the guidance of a mentor, you can embark on an easier road to making gains in your particular industry. One can think of a mentor as a passenger in his or her car driving toward success. Along the way, you may run out of gas, lose your sense of direction or need maintenance for your vehicle (business). A mentor will offer the gas or fuel to help you to get and keep your engine running smoothly — or give you a map on how to reach your destination.

Let’s take a look at why your startup can use some qualified mentors:

You Can Test and Validate Ideas with Expert Guidance

In today’s fast-paced world of startups, ideas can often become outdated very quickly.

Owners are constantly testing out new concepts and seeking to validate or invalidate those ideas. But fresh entrepreneurs should want mentors who are beyond saying that they have a good or bad idea. Instead, a mentor should teach the owner about the skills needed to learn whether they have a profitable idea or not. It is more important to have a mentor who will empower you to do something instead of do it for you.

At the heart of a mentoring relationship is the need for a mentor to counsel their mentee: you can expect helpful conversations talking through the successes and failures of your ideas as part of this process. The best mentors will hold back the hand of criticism and opt for encouragement. These actions provide great motivation for you!

You Can Receive Focused and Specific Advice

A mentor is a personal tutor in a way: the person provides instruction in a one-on-one scenario.

For the instruction to be most effective, you must find someone with specific expertise in your area. Also, you must ask specific questions and clearly articulate your most important needs to your mentor. If you have prioritized your goals, then you know just what advice is most needed. Great mentors can usually listen to your business story and get a sense of what guidance is most important to offer you; they may also be able to score their advice on how helpful it may be for you.

When you also pick a trusted mentor, then you can listen wholeheartedly to their advice. But advice is only effective when you apply it: put their valued advice in action toward reaching your goals. Getting tried-and-true advice can increase your chances of gaining success quicker. You learn from other’s past mistakes and avoid them. Considering that, there is no telling where their advice may take you in your road to achievement!

You Can Gain Help for The Long Term

New business owners must realize that mentors make an investment in their success and their business.

A mentor will sacrifice their time, impart their knowledge and offer their endorsement (sometimes publicly) to a new business and its leader. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term investment, the effects of that mentor-mentee partnership can last for years. Can you imagine your mentor broadcasting their relationship with you on social media or mentioning in a future interview that they previously mentored you? Amazing!

This publicity is incredible for your business, translating to possible sales and more customers. But finding mentors who can counsel for the long run or give tips that keep paying off for you with each passing year is a tremendous help as well. You may have a mentor that issues an annual challenge to you and keeps you on your toes. When you find a willing mentor with all these qualities, then you have found a winner.

To get the most of mentoring as a mentee, you have to adopt a learning attitude. It is a mistake to assume that you know everything: you must do what you know and seek advice for what is unknown. This way, you will learn all or each and every thing that you need to run your business successfully.

If you think you can benefit from all these things, create a free profile on New Shifts today and choose from a wealth of expertise offered by experienced individuals. If they are mutually interested in you and your business, you can take the conversation further to discuss how you can work together. Good luck!