What Do Dating and NewShifts Have in Common?

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Well, in short, plenty.


But before we delve any deeper you might be wondering…

What is NewShifts?


Recently described as ‘Tinder for professionals’, NewShifts is an innovative new platform that allows people, usually mid-career, to explore and essentially, try out new opportunities tailored to their wants, needs and desires. Not only this but it gives small to medium businesses and enterprises (SMEs) the tools to source the kind of talent they need to drive their organization forward.


If you’re a candidate, or change seeker, NewShifts gives you the power to connect with start-ups or small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and engage with different companies or industries to explore and nurture your passion without experiencing the upheaval of a full-time job change. Being a change seeker doesn’t necessarily mean you are a seeking a career change. You could simply be intellectually curious; choosing to explore a new interest and expand your knowledge.


If you’re a start-up or SME on the lookout for fresh new talent, NewShifts will allow you to engage with driven, passionate individuals and access a wealth of expertise beyond your financial capacity, in exchange for offering these candidates, or change seekers, the opportunity to experience your company.


That’s why NewShifts is similar to that of a professional matchmaker.

Dating and working in the modern age


The evolution of the digital age has changed the way we as consumers interact with the world around us – and this new mindset extends to the world of work and dating.


The mass adoption of mobile means people can access content, make decisions, connect with peers, conduct research and indeed, find the ideal match for the personal and professional needs anytime, anywhere.


A recent study shows that more than 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up – a clear indication of the power of mobile technology, as well as today’s on the go mentality.


Whether looking for a potential partner or a new opportunity, in the digital age, people want the flexibility to explore and engage how they want, and they want the ability to explore their options in a pressure-free environment.


Online dating sites like Tinder help singles find a potential match by matching them with others by personal interests, hobbies, preferences, and geographical location – and NewShifts is much the same.


With an emphasis on anonymity, NewShifts empowers its users and in a few simple steps, opens up both SMEs and change seekers to a world of professional opportunity:


  • Build an anonymous profile offering your expertise.
  • Browse the eclectic range of profiles of either change seekers or SMEs to find your perfect match.
  • Request to unlock yourself to a mutually accepted match.
  • Gain access to the contact details of your professional match and start your exciting journey together.


Like dating in the digital world, it’s no longer a necessity to scour singles bars or pages upon pages of work-based opportunities – in today’s world, you can find your right match based on what you have to offer and what other have to offer you in an organised, intuitive and value-driven way.


The one key difference between dating and NewShifts is that with NewShifts, you can create multiple profiles offering different value propositions, rather than just one diluted with piles of varying skills and information. This means you can try out a range of different things.


Of course, you could, in theory, create a host of different dating profiles, but that would just be wrong – you might even get referred to as a ‘catfish.’


Finding that defining moment


Okay, life isn’t always straightforward but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few victories from time to time.


What we mean is that when it comes to dating, to find the perfect fit, you have to date multiple partners. But, once you have, you’ll gain the insights and experience to know when you’ve found someone just right and once you have, it’s only a matter of time before those wedding bells begin to chime.


Living under the tyranny of someone oppressive, unappreciative and playing the field to find the right fit extends to the world of work too. NewShifts is geared towards helping SMEs and change seekers gain a wealth of valuable experiences without the pressure of either committing to someone or leaving their current job.


As it’s possible to use our intuitive platform to offer your experience, value and expertise to the sector you’re hoping experience, or source the best talent for your business, it’s possible to dip your toe into a few disciplines, or work with a selection of ambitious people, before changing career path or commercial direction with ease.


Dating and work can be a minefield in many ways, but luckily these days, there are services that can make the process far easier, productive, worthwhile, fun and less pressured.


For dating, there are sites like Tinder, and for the professional part of our lives there’s NewShifts – and whichever way you look at it, we are living in exciting times indeed.


To find out more about NewShifts, listen to the this Business Breakfast podcast interview with forward-thinking founder, Zeynep Saka.