Meeting Your Mentee: Where to Find Them

Have you decided to become a mentor? That’s great news!

After making such a bold decision, you may have started looking for possible startup leaders that would serve as great mentees. Perhaps you are finding it challenging to track down someone. Don’t despair! Many first-time and even experienced mentors sometimes have trouble finding a startup company in need of mentoring.

Here are a few easy and simple ways to help you find an exciting business to mentor:

Enlist Help from Your Network

Word of mouth is still a valuable tool when it comes to advertising your need to mentor business owners.

You can reach out to your contacts and tell them about your mentorship opportunity. If you’re lucky, one of your professional colleagues or acquaintances can recommend someone or a company looking for a mentor.

Finding a mentee through a referral also may mean that you may get the inside scoop about an entrepreneur before meeting them. But you should also do the necessary homework on your potential mentee before arranging a meet and greet: learning about their particular business, role and responsibilities are great places to start your search.

Attend Mentoring Events

Whether you check a popular site such as or find a good local business group, the local business community will likely be the key to discovering your mentee.

You can attend a get-together specifically for mentoring or a general networking mixer. While there, make sure to chat with potential mentees. If you find someone who may be a match, then let them know about what you can offer as a mentor. And make sure to exchange contact information to follow up about arranging a one-on-one meeting.

These events are wonderful for directly connecting you to entrepreneurs in person: this can become a meaningful way to begin your mentor-and-mentee relationship.

Use Social Media for Research

Nowadays, so many people have social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and the like. Why not use these platforms to research the type of company or individual you’d like to mentor?

Perhaps finding groups related to business mentoring via these sites is a solid launching point. If you introduce yourself to these online mentoring communities, please make sure to personally reach out to the organizer. This person will probably be “in the know” and really be able to help you find a startup owner to work with over some time.

Also, searching for general mentions or hashtags about mentoring may work well, too. You may have to look a bit here, but it may be worth your time.

The super important thing about finding a mentee is taking advantage of all the resources that will be helpful to you. If you want to create an online challenge to find a great mentee or announce your intentions to mentor through an Instagram video, then go for it!

New Shifts

Our platform is also a great place to find an opportunity to mentor a local business or individual. Simply create a profile which specifies what you can offer in terms of both experience and time, and browse some of the business profiles available to see if you’d make a good match. If you both show a mutual interest in each other, then you’re free to take the conversation further and hopefully lay the foundations of successful future. Take a look at some of the profiles available today and get started!