Forget 9-5 – It was So ‘Last Year’

Perhaps you have a scalable product, a great office space,
an awesome website and your first crop of leads. But one
thing is missing: that next great hire.
What do you do? Perhaps offering a big enticing salary or taking months to search for someone is off the list of options. Then, you may need to try some alternatives.

Here are some other ways to ramp up without it putting a major pinch on your company account.

Adult Internships/Apprentices
Many startups or SMEs are rethinking their talent acquisition processes. Did you know that more innovative ways – rather than traditional methods – of recruiting are becoming increasingly popular?

A lot of experienced professionals, who may take a few years off from the workforce, can re-enter the business world in what are called “returnships.” Employers can sign up for short-term and non-binding work agreements with these individuals, who act as interns volunteering their services for experience. In the US, more than 197,500 people entered the apprenticeship system nationwide in 2015, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.

The benefits of offering a “returnship” include more than just giving your team an interesting makeover. You can learn from really experienced talents and groom them into good employees if and when ready for hiring. Also, you can expand your network, so it’s easier to find great talents quickly when your business needs change.

Seasonal Work
During the seasons that your business revenue peaks or profit margins grow, it is a useful idea to bring on extra members on your team. For one thing, your business has a huge influx of customers or responsibilities to meet demands, so you need more help.

When you bring on new individuals, your current team will be glad for the support that lightens their load. Also, you will be able to really see how your new team members work under pressure and different work conditions.

‘Try Before You Buy’
Experience is something that you can’t buy, but must earn. Having someone with the needed knowledge to launch your business to the stars is crucial.

You can add others to your workforce and put their experience to the test. They will benefit from gaining more expertise, and you can share your pearls of industry wisdom with them. Through this process, you will discover their strengths and working styles as well.

If any of these alternatives are appealing to you, then have a look at some great talent profiles on New Shifts. The ethos of our platform means you can access all these types of options to meet your staffing needs. If you match with an individual, you can engage with them and arrange a mutually beneficial ‘work experience’ where they can offer their time and experience in return for exposure and insight into your business.

Their time is free, but who knows, after your initial arrangement, you may both want to turn it into a permanent relationship or role. Think about it as ‘dating’ your next employee. It makes sense, right!