Finding the Right Mentoring Match

Most mentees want a mentor with real-life experience in a particular industry. In turn, most mentors want mentees with a real need for their exact expertise.
With each side looking for a specific something in the other, finding the right match may take some time. But tracking down someone who is compatible with you when it comes to business is possible and extremely rewarding.

Many people have come up with creative ways to find your mentor or mentee. You may design a cool infographic about what you are looking for and place it on your blog. You may create an engaging ad on Craigslist or Ebay or issue a online challenge to find the right person. The sky’s the limit.

But no matter the route to finding that match, you can start with making a list with the precise qualities that are important when it comes to your mentor or mentee. Though some things on your list may not be up for compromise, other attributes may become inessential during the search process. You may decide that a few qualities are super-important at the beginning of your search, but later arrive at the conclusion that those attributes are not-as-significant.

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that you can look for whether mentoring or looking for an advisor:

If Looking for A Mentor


It is imperative to find a mentor with years of experience in your specific field. How can someone best advise you about your industry if they don’t know all the ins and outs about it?

Specifically, finding someone with an expertise in problem-solving is key here. As a startup owner, you should choose a person who can guide you from point A to B on any given project. This person should be able to develop a plan: actionable steps to move you from one place to another. Go ahead and talk through problem-solving scenarios with your potential mentor. You can find out how this person approaches and thinks about problems, and make sure their methods agree with yours.

Proven Success:

One of the ways that a mentor can prove his or herself to you is by demonstrating their expertise. In other words, this person will have a track record of successes.

There should be tangible proof and measurable examples of this person’s wins and gains. You can simply search their LinkedIn profile, business pages or personal blog/website as a starting point. But it is a good idea to delve a bit deeper: check their social media, speak to mutual contacts, review a copy of your mentor’s resume or interview that person.

History of Mentees:

Mentees can take chances on new mentors, but most mentees will look more for someone with a history of mentorship.

You can take this step further by contacting and talking with a few past mentees of your potential mentor. Of course, you will want to know what made the mentor great, but also find out what things that the mentor struggled with in their relationships with those former mentees. Getting an honest assessment of the mentor’s abilities is the goal!

Tracking down some of your friends or contacts who have been mentees is also great because you can ask them for recommendations for mentors.

If Looking for A Mentee

Thirst for Knowledge:

It is only natural that you will find to find a mentee who wants to learn from you!

Open-mindedness is an important trait: having a student that is receptive to what you have to teach is integral to creating a successful bond. Students who are open will ask a lot of questions, think deeply about your advice and usually feel inspired to further research into their field. They will find your guidance to be inspiring, and it will drive them to be greater.


Modesty means that your mentee will gladly accept your teaching. Why?

They will understand that you have a lot to show and tell them. They will have a lot of appreciation for what you share with them about an industry. They will believe in your words and actions. This admiration should not make you boastful or prideful, but should instill more humility.

Goal Setter:

Those business owners with ambition can be ruthlessly determined into achieving a group of aims.

This drive is exactly what your mentee should have: a willingness to work toward accomplishing something or many things. Accomplishments help owners grow and reach greatness: two things that mentors want to see happen for their mentees.

Seeing your mentees reach success is a fruitful reward of a mentorship relationship. Check out New Shifts to find the perfect match and start on your exciting journey together today!