Finding A New Way To Successfully Source And Recruit Startup Talent

Congratulations on getting into the business game!
Once you get comfortable as a team leader and put on your coaching hat, it’s time to come up with
a recruitment plan to add to your list.

These days, you can skip the lengthy job advertisements, complicated recruitment agency contracts or long tours at job fairs. Finding your starting lineup and supporting players are easier when your targeted talents can come to you. And getting your team together to slam dunk the competition can be affordable, too!

Here’s why you should position your brand in front of those meticulous game changers and prepare for big business wins on New Shifts, which matches your business with individuals ready to support your company.

It’s A Chance To Find Free Help
Getting a new business off the ground can be very costly, impacting your bottom line. But what if you could find hard-working individuals willing to work for experience and not money?

It is easy to find talented people who are ready to prove their value on New Shifts. You search through talent profiles, find the brightest minds at no major cost and get the help needed to meet your business goals.

You Can Learn From Experienced Talent
Did you know that many millennials, who are a huge attraction to startups, care about a company’s values and commitment to social responsibility? Sixty-two percent (vs. 56 percent U.S. average) are willing to take a pay cut to work for a responsible company according to the 2015 Millennial CSR study from well-known public relations and marketing agency Cone Communications.

Connecting with your experienced millennial talent opens the door to insights into what they want from a company. You can solicit their feedback on this site, and you can start a valuable conversation with them about their work achievements. Knowing your talents’

strengths and expectations will provide a good idea on what they can bring to your company and what role is best for them.

It’s An Opportunity To Tell Your Story
Facebook has become a household name for more than just its power to connect people, but its ability to create stories about users. You can visit the site to see friends upcoming birthdays, graduation pictures, crazy university memories and more items. The site has become a storybook of a user’s life.

You can communicate your story to your targeted talent base in the same heartfelt ways with your created business profile. Job seekers and changers can do without every single detail of your company’s history, but should get a good sense of what is so interesting about what you are doing in a particular industry. Go ahead with highlighting two or three inspirational things that make your company into a one-of-a-kind startup

The potential talents responding to your story with questions or comments are worth some networking time.

You Can Show What You Can Offer To Individuals
Every business does a great service by coming up with a “why work for us” list. From great culture, free snacks and amazing healthcare benefits.

However, the key here is not to over-exaggerate about what you can realistically offer. Instead, focus on what you can provide potential employees in terms of helping them discover and explore their next career move. Your profile can feature a brief and honest list of the type of experience you can provide which will help the talent to decide if your company is the right fit for them.

Connecting with your targeted talent is less work on platforms such as New Shifts. It’s easy to setup a profile, see the experienced talent that is looking for your company and get on the way to success. What’s more, you can stay anonymous until you find a mutual match in someone that has already expressed interest in your business.

Startups need successful team players. If you grow your business with great people, then you will develop a game-winning strategy to make it to the top.