Changing Your Outer Game







If you’ve read our previous article on Changing Your ‘Inner Game’ then your half way there. Next up, read our top tips on how to change your ‘Outer Game’ to enable you to move forward once you’ve worked on your inner self.

  • Expand your Network

If you’re looking to change the industry you work in, start attending networking events where you’ll meet people working in that industry. Dig up your contact list and search for connections that you might already have in that industry. You’ll also probably know people who know those working in that industry. Workshops like the one we offered are also an ideal way to meet people and have conversations about potential work. Many of our recent participants are now regularly in touch with each other.

Networking events help build your communications skills so that when you meet people from a variety of backgrounds, you are in a better place to talk about what you do and what kind of work are looking for.


  • Utilise the Power of Online Networking

In this day and age, the power and ease of networking online can’t be ignored. There are so many avenues where you can connect to potential employers or clients. LinkedIn is still hailed as the top business online networking portal. We are sure that many of you have connected with people from another industry, followed their posts on LinkedIn and conversations on various LinkedIn groups.

Also, don’t ignore Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from a professional point of view. If you want to switch into fashion designing, look up influencers on Instagram and join the conversation. Find and join relevant groups across LinkedIn or even Meetup. Experiment and see what works best for you. Entrepreneurial coaches will find their peers in Facebook groups, both found locally and internationally.

And never underestimate the power of blogs. Blogs have become the hallmark of journeys that people go through – full of advice, stories of change and ways to move forward.   Take time to interact with these bloggers by posting responses to their blog posts as to what you have learnt. You might just find your ideal mentor. Of course, don’t forget that our blog continues to support those of who are looking to make the transition and want to try something new before making a commitment. We cover a range of topics, from how to find stability in your new career, how to reposition yourself for the new industry that you are applying to and more.


  • Create your Elevator Pitch

Afraid of speaking in public or even doing an elevator pitch? Sign up for the Toastmasters groups found in your local area and gain confidence to talk to people and present your services and products. True, you might not be required to stand on stage and introduce yourself in a networking event, but having an elevator speech ready for when the opportune time comes is very important. Find a mentor who is happy to help you write that elevator speech which is grounded in the emotion and the promise you want to share with those around you.


  • Update your CV

When was the last time you updated your CV? Does it position your career success in a way that will help you get the job in the industry of choice? If you’ve been working for 10-20 years, how can you reword your CV’s objectives and work experience in a way that will help you stay ahead of the game?

After your new CV is prepared, remember to extract important information from it to create your LinkedIn profile – it should read in a way that people from the industry that you want to work in want to connect with you.

And if you are in an exploration mode, perhaps looking at two different paths (one in interior design and the other as a landscape architect), you might want to prepare two CV versions and two covering letters.

Your CV will continue to be the number one tool that you will use to help you get ahead.


  • Get onto New Shifts platform to already start exploring and investigating

New Shifts is just the platform where you can start to experiment with new careers. You will find many inspiring career change desires: for example, a dentist who is looking for a mentor who will guide her in building up some landscape design experience. The medical writer who wants to be a voice-over artist. We already placed a candidate at Maersk Training who worked with the team before being absorbed into the company. Try writing your profile, or more than one to help you define what your career shift may look like.


What’s Next?

Join our next workshop in New York, UK (etc) and make sure to join our platform to start exploring what life has in store for you. If you’re interested in taking part in our next workshop, please contact us now to register your interest and you’ll be the first to know about the next upcoming dates.