3 Essential Qualities to Look for in Talent for You Startup Venture

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According to recent studies, 87% of the world’s professionals are either not engaged or actively disengaged from their workplace.


What does that mean? Well, this strongly suggests that on a global scale, work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfilment.


Logic would say that those who are happy with, challenged by or engaged in their work, as well their workplace will be more productive, more likely to develop their skills and of course, stick around longer, boosting staff retention as a result. And truly speaking, in this case, logic is correct.


Now, if you’re in charge of a growing business, a startup or you’re in the midst of founding a brand new venture, sourcing the right talent from the outset will prove priceless to the growth and development of your business.


To help you on your way, here are three essential qualities to look for when sourcing talent for your startup.

A fair trade


If your startup is in its infancy, chances are you won’t necessarily have the budget to pay a direct wage – not at first anyway. That said, you will need to source the kind of candidate that is willing to offer their time and expertise for something other than the allure of a salary.


To ensure, you attract and indeed connect with the right talent for your business, you will need to define your value proposition from the outset.


Think about what you can and are willing to offer your prospective professionals in exchange for their time.


Will you be able to provide exposure, niche experience in an emerging industry, flexible working hours, professional qualifications or mentorship? Think about what value you can provide your potential employees and during the acquisition process, you’ll be able to find someone who will not only be fully on board with what you’re doing but will be motivated to go the extra mile and offer insights or ideas that really count.

A flexible attitude


The evolution of the digital age, as well as emerging technologies, has busted the notion of the traditional nine to five wide open, flipping working hours, practices and methodology on its head.


As such, everyone you hire should ideally have a let’s make things better attitude and has the ability to get whatever has to be done, well, done.


When looking for new talent for your startup, you will need someone who is willing to work both onsite and remotely and thrive on the prospect of a static role where constant change and development comes with the job title. If you source someone who is rigid in the way they work and is on the whole, unadaptable to change, your business will suffer.


One of the most effective ways to screen for this kind of attribute is to ask your candidates to take a personality test as a means of scoping out how they might react or deal with specific work-based situations.


By no means should this be your only recruitment tool but when it comes to figuring out flexibility, this approach will certainly help.


The real take home here is that, if someone is flexible in their approach to work and is looking to gain a broad range of knowledge or is open to learning a host skills in different areas of the business, they will offer far more value and in turn, help to push things forward.


A sense of intrapreneurship


In a nutshell, an intrapreneur is a person who possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and will be likely to use these innovative ideas to make your company a better place.


Not long ago, a survey discovered that 58% of managers were more than willing to support staff who wanted to capitalise on new commercial opportunities within the business.


Team members who view themselves as a major pillar of your company and are not only wholeheartedly invested, but have a host of valuable ideas to boot are the ones who will help drive your startup towards a bright and prosperous future.


When you interview potential candidates, ask them to come armed with ideas on a particular area of the startup and pitch them in the form of a presentation; it will quickly become clear who’s passionate, hungry and intrapreneurial, and who is not.


Finding the right talent for your startup can feel like somewhat of a minefield and with so many candidates to choose from, the whole process can seem overwhelming. But, by looking for the right qualities in your potential employees, you stand an excellent chance of sourcing the best possible talent for your startup.


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