3 Essential Considerations for Startup Hiring

So, you’ve whipped up an incredible idea, developed said idea, pulled some funds together start-up-hiring
and founded your very own startup. Good for you.
Now that you’ve entered the fast-paced and cutthroat world of business, there are several things you’ll need to consider to steer your ship away from any potential career ending icebergs; hiring the right talent is one of them.

To ensure success and longevity, recruiting and retaining talented, dedicated employees is crucial. Did you know? 46% of Millennials left their last job due to lack of career growth. So, before you start trying to make those all-important hires, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to handle the responsibility of taking on staff.

If you feel the time is right and you’re hungry for the kind of talent that will drive your business into a rewarding and fruitful future, perhaps these tips will help when knowing what hires to make for your startup…

Set a timeline
The likes of UBER and Airbnb not only offer revolutionary products and have insanely epic branding, but back when they were new kids on the block, and the ideas were growing from tiny seeds to mighty oak trees, one thing that helped drive their success was well-executed and meticulous planning. From day one, you must sit down and visualise what you ultimately want to achieve from your startup, and when you want to achieve it. By doing so, you’ll have clear-cut goals, as well as a healthy sense of urgency.

When you’re laying out a timeline, one of the things you’ll need to think about is the times in which you feel you’ll need to recruit new team members to fulfil certain roles that fall in line with the growth and development of your business. Now, these plans can change (as we all know, life can throw a curveball or two), but knowing where you’re going and when you’re going to need or be able to hire more talent will save you from kicking off the recruitment process too early, or too late.

Define what you are looking for
It may sound obvious, but it’s something that is so often overlooked: before you even think about making a hire you need to sit down and think about exactly what you want for the business. Not in a general sense, either – you will need to be very particular to ensure you hire the right talent and get the most from your investment. Think about each branch of your startup. Do you need a savvy developer to enhance the user experience you offer? Are you looking for someone who is a dab hand at SEO? Do you crave a content marketing superhero?

Of course, you won’t be able to hire everyone right away, but by prioritising what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to hire the right people at the right time. Another thing you’ll want to consider is whether you’re looking for an all-rounder to help make sure everything’s running smoothly until you hire more people or someone who specialises in a particular key area. Define your needs, and you’ll avoid making any costly recruitment blunders.

Don’t let your startup stagnate
Scaling too fast too soon is one of the main reasons a startup company fails. But, while it’s important not to be hasty, there’s no reason you should tread water.

When you’re running a startup, time and money aren’t always sitting there at your disposal. In the early days, your purse strings may very well be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work or collaborate with others until you have the resources to hire staff in a formal sense. To keep driving forward at a steady pace, it will pay to work with talent on elements of your business that need work – and it is possible to do so on little or no budget.

Platforms like New Shifts provide a virtual portal for meeting and being matched with professionals who possess skills and knowledge that can help build your startup. By creating a profile, it’s possible to team up with talent that is incredibly capable but looking for extra experience, or those wanting to be a part of something special. While you’re waiting for the right time to build a full workforce, you can collaborate with people with specialist skills and accelerate the development of your business, a real win-win situation.

Launching a startup is a bold yet incredibly rewarding venture. Make the right hires at the right time, believe in yourself and you’ll be ready for the big time in no time.