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Currently on NewShifts

Seasoned restaurateur seeks consulting opportunities for start-up or distressed restaurants

managementmenu developmentSalesstaff training & development
Worked in various aspects of restaurant industry for 30 years, from FOH, BOH, sales, distribution, management, and owner (for the last 13 years)

MBA Seeking Operations Project

I am a former government finance professional, pivoting into banking after my MBA. I am eager to gain operational experience to broaden my skill set.

Strategy, Marketing and Alliances leader

customer engagementMarketingproduct roadmaps
More than 20 years experience leading product management and go to market at companies of all sizes. I can help you set up marketing automation, define product roadmaps, define partnerships approach and onboard initial partners, create customer engagement programs etc.

Early stage fitness startup seeks experienced business exec. to assist/advise to make vision real

We serve the fitness industry. Even though we are in the early stages of our development, we plan to scale to a large size, at a rapid pace.

Food Enterprise looking for assistance with Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Business Developmente-commercefoodMarketingSalessmbSMEsocial mediastart-up
We are a natural foods company, specialising sweet treats for now. Everything we do is gluten, dairy and reifned sugar-free with vegan and paleo options. Started 2 months ago and recieved a super positive response. Currently working on marketing, increasing sales and expanding our menu.

PHP developers

airlinesDeveloperInformation TechnologyPHPtechnologytravelweb design
Established in 2012, our company is the new generation travel booking and distribution solution: an innovative cloud based travel booking and distribution platform for airlines, travel agencies, online travel agencies and tour operators with a merchandising engine.

Our testimonials

My first match with a business’ requirements was an ideal match. New Shifts provides a personalized and discreet vetting process that enabled me to be at complete ease of wanting to widen my scope of work. I highly recommend taking part in New Shifts’ amazing journey!

New Shifts provided us with the ideal skill set and requirements match that fitted with our expansion and business development. We engage with an individual looking to make the cross over to a new field and found him very competent and skilled. The project was a success. This model works.

New Shifts has provided me with a unique opportunity to experience the Aeronautical industry. The opportunity gave me insights into the company, the industry and some of the major players in the market. As someone new to the Middle East, and from the finance industry, the experience was awesome and helped me learn more about the region. New Shifts is definitely a one stop shop those wanting to change careers!


Have the effects of COVID-19 pushed you to reevaluate your current work situation, and as a result, consider a career change? #Careerchange #Career #Jobs #Education #Jobsearch #Training #Careergoals #Motivation #Work #Recruitment #Goals #Employment #Careers #Careerdevelopment

Have the effects of COVID-19 pushed you to reevaluate your current work situation, and as a result, consider a career change? #Careerchange #Career #Jobs #Education #Jobsearch #Training #Careergoals #Motivation #Work #Recruitment #Goals #Employment #Careers #Careerdevelopment

Strategy, Marketing and Alliances Leader
With more than 20 years experience leading product management and go to market at companies of all sizes, is looking to volunteer his expertise to a restaurant business.
Commitment: 8-12 hours / week
Location: USA

MBA Seeking Operations Project
An experienced finance and budgeting professional with an MBA degree is seeking to volunteer expertise to participate at an operations project!
Commitment duration: 3 months, 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
Location: New York, USA

Getting in there early to wish each and every one of you a very happy and successful new year! Take the leap you dream of and dare to make a change in 2019!